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Narada Mahathera

Copyright 1982, 1995 Buddhist Publication Society
Kandy, Sri Lanka

DharmaNet Edition 1995
Transcription: Bradford Griffith
Proofreading & Formatting: John Bullitt
This electronic edition is offered for free distribution via DharmaNet by arrangement with the publisher.

DharmaNet International
P.O. Box 4951, Berkeley - CA 94704-4951


Buddhism in a Nutshell first appeared in 1933. Since then several editions were published by various philanthropic gentlemen for free distribution.

For a fuller exposition of the subjects dealt with here, readers are kindly requested to read the revised and enlarged edition of The Buddha and His Teachings published in 1980.

Permission may freely be obtained to reprint or to translate this book.

Colombo, Sri Lanka.
7th May 1982.


[01]. The Buddha
[02]. The Dhamma: Is it a Philosophy?
[03]. Is it a Religion?
[04]. Is Buddhism an Ethical System?
[05]. Some Salient Features of Buddhism
[06]. Kamma or the Law of Moral Causation
[07]. Re-Birth
[08]. Paticca Samuppada (Dependent Origination)
[09]. Anatta or Soul-lessness
[10]. Nibanna
[11]. The Path to Nibbana
[12]. Appendix: Mindfulness on Breathing

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